Orange Pith


An ever-increasing selection of my work is now available via the online art community, RedBubble. Here you're able to purchase my artwork on a variety of items including: t-shirts; stickers; cushions; phone covers; mugs and bags.

Orange Pith

About Me

Leader, visionary, poet, warrior, lover, genius. These are words, nothing more than that and here are some more words, placed together in the form of sentences and paragraphs.

For as long as I can remember I've been drawing in some form or other. Be it with crayons on the wall, a Magnadoodle, pencils, pens, paints, chalks, charcoals on paper or canvas and using graphics tablets, I've always loved art and art has always tolerated my interest in it.

In my school days I was embarrassed when teachers would hold up my pictures to show the rest of the class but in stark contrast was very proud and only too happy to offer advice to others in my class when I was asked to help. Happy to contribute, reluctant to take the spotlight. Not a lot has changed in that respect I suppose. Did I mention I'm awesome and am the greatest artist in the history of the world?

My art is a hobby and a passion and I'll carry on doing it for as long as that is the case. They may be amateurish, they may be crude and they may sometimes be downright worrying but they're my creations and they're for whoever finds any enjoyment in them. I hope they do and thank you for reading this drivel.